Blerim Dina’s threat just another irregularity in Public Review Body

  • Posted by: Category: news Posted on: 17.10.2017 | 2 min
  • Democracy Plus (D+) condemns the exercise of pressure on the President of the Procurement Review Body (PRB), Mr. Blerim Dina. D+ requires judicial institutions to prioritize this case and take appropriate measures to ensure that the PRB board is not subject to any political or business group pressure.

    On this occasion D+ asks the Assembly of Kosovo to make the appointment of two other officials of this institution as soon as possible. This is because two positions on the PRB board have been vacant since the filing of the indictment for two board members Ekrem Salihu and Tefik Sylejmani. This case reveals the dangerous situation, in which decision-making depends on a small group of people as is currently the case with PRB. Currently, only 3 members of this institution decide on millions of euros of the public budget.

    Finally, D+ requires legal reform in the field of tender adjudication or on the remedy system of public procurement. Currently, with the Public Procurement Law, it is foreseen for the PRB to have five (5) members who in the composition of 1, 3 or 5 members will judge the procurement cases. In case of absenteeism, this number may be even smaller. However, the integrity of this institution is constantly being questioned as a result of filing indictments for the board members of this institution or the civil servant within it. It is, therefore, important to build a legal system that distributes decision-making in such cases to more individuals coming from different sectors. Also, D+ requires further transparency of the PRB, as it is currently a very closed body and whose decisions in many cases are in contradiction with its legal practices and decision-making in the previous cases.

    D+ is an organization that continuously monitors the work of the PRB and has consistently raised questions in the decision-making of this institution, as a result of weak internal organization, lack of transparency, accountability and preventive mechanisms of conflict of interest and corruption.

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